VOP 2014-07-17: Palestinian Poet Samah Sabawi

Samah Sabawi on Poetry, Gaza and Palestine

This week Voice of Palestine interviews Samah Sabawi, a playwright/poet and human rights advocate. A Palestinian from Gaza, she has written and produced several critically acclaimed plays as well as having co-authored the book Journey to Peace in Palestine. She previously lived in Canada and now lives in Australia, and we reached her there to talk about her poetry, the horrific situation in Gaza and Palestine, the significance of global solidarity activities as well as her upcoming play “Tales of a City by the Sea”.

Here is an audio file of this show:

(Please note that Voice of Palestine was on hiatus for a few months due to medical problems with our cohost Hanna Kawas, but we are now back with our on-line weekly show and hope to avoid any further interruptions. Your feedback is always welcome).