June 2013 archive

Voice of Palestine (June 29th, 2013)

Update on Persecution of French BDS campaigners
This week we talk with Imen, an activist with the BDS France campaign, who will update us about the persecution of French campaigners for Palestinian rights who participated in BDS protests and actions.

Voice of Palestine (June 22nd, 2013)

Ali Mallah on pro-Israel Bias in Canadian Policy
This week cohost Hanna Kawas talks with Ali Mallah from Toronto, a longtime anti-war activist and supporter of Palestinian rights. Ali, who is also a past vice-president of the Canadian Arab Federation CAF, will discuss the pro-Israel bias in Canadian policy and the targeting by the federal government of groups that support justice for the Palestinians, including CAF.

Voice of Palestine (June 15th, 2013)

Palestinian Singer Reem Kelani in Vancouver

This week, Voice of Palestine presents a cultural special featuring Palestinian singer Reem Kelani live in Vancouver. Reem was part of an April 19th, 2013 event organized by local solidarity groups honouring Palestinian Prisoners Day and performed in an intimate setting with Vancouver-based Oudist Gordon Grdina and other special guests.

Voice of Palestine (June 7th, 2013)

Dr. Zayid on 1967 Israeli Aggression, Canada Park and the JNF
This week we interview Dr. Ismail Zayid from Halifax, a veteran Palestinian Canadian intellectual and activist. Dr. Zayid talks with us about the 1967 Israeli occupation, as well as the Jewish National Fund and its infamous “Canada Park” built on the ruins of his hometown Beit Nuba.