VOP 2014-02-20: Chand from Students Against Apartheid

Israeli Apartheid Week 2014
This week Voice of Palestine interviews Chand, a member of the Israeli Apartheid Week-Toronto Organizing Committee, and also part of Students against Israeli Apartheid, U of T. She talks with us about the history of Israeli Apartheid Week IAW, which began in Toronto, as well as detailing some of the activities planned for this year. (Watch the IAW 2014 trailer!)
Our final music is a unique South African-Palestinian collaboration between the South African band, The Mavrix and the Palestinian Oud player, Mohammed Omar, called “The New Black.” The March 2012 release of this song and video was marked with a Skype link-up between the Soweto Palestine Solidarity Alliance and activists in Palestine to launch that year’s Israeli Apartheid Week in Gaza.

Here is an audio file of this show: