VOP 2014-02-27: Lia Tarachansky

Lia Tarachansky & her film “On the Side of the Road”
This week Voice of Palestine interviews Israeli-Russian director Lia Tarachansky about her documentary On the Side of the Road, which opened the groundbreaking First International Film Festival on Nakba and Return at Cinematheque Tel Aviv and will be showing next week at the Franco-German Cultural Center in Ramallah. The info on the documentary’s official trailer says – “This is the story of those who fought to erase Palestine and created an Israeli landscape of denial”. Lia is also a correspondent with The Real News Network and we talk with her about her film work, her journalistic activities as well as the personal and political journey that brought her to where she is today.

Our final music is by Jewish-American folk singer David Rovics, The Key, and we dedicate it to the Palestinian diaspora as they carry on the struggle for human and national rights.

Here is an audio file of this show: